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Join me, “Let’s raise children that won’t need to recover from their childhoods”. They will be the ones creating a better world.

In this blog I am aiming to inspire mums to live a happy and healthy life making the most out of motherhood. I believe in the power of women.

Sharing tips to make life easier and fun; leaving routine behind.

Be strong. Do not let anyone or any circumstance change you. Be yourself, be proud of yourself and be happy. If something or someone prevents you from happiness… leave it behind. Your own happiness will be instilled to your children.

Educate children through modelling. Teach them about the precious things in life and teach them to enjoy every minute no matter what the circumstance is. Play and spend time with them, fill them with love and joy. Do not overprotect them; let them experience, explore and learn. Kids are a precious gift from god to some of us. Give and you will receive.

Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments below. I would love to know in which part of this wonderful world you live in. I would love to have a community on “mommies” from all over the world sharing their experiences; their lifestyles and their fears. My children are born and raised in paradise. How is your paradise?


5 thoughts on “Join Me

  1. Meg Van Meter says:

    Hi! I thought I would take you up on your invitation to introduce myself. 😉 I’m a recent instagram follower, homeschool mama to 3 boys, former resident of Barcelona (for 4 years…met and married the hubs there) currently living where the tides of my husband’s work take us (most recently Kansas). We try to make a paradise for our kids out of wherever we are, teaching them to appreciate different people and landscapes, but are hoping to make it back to Barcelona sooner than later.

    • candyliving says:

      Amazing! What a challenge homeschooling the kids, at the same time such a beautiful experience! Most welcome to come visit us when you make it back to Barcelona! ☺️

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi there! I’m a single mom of two girls (an American living in Rome), with family in Valencia and Florida. I just quit my corporate job to be able to be with my daughters as much as possible – and to take care of our hectare of land. We are just starting off with homegrown veggies and avocado trees and are super excited to watch our babies grow 🙂 I look forward to learning form this community, you are all truly inspiring!

    • candyliving says:

      Hello Michelle! Nice meeting you! So brave to make such a decision! I am sure you will not regret though. Kids are kids only once and time flies. Life in the farm is not easy, specially at the beginning but it is so rewarding at the end. Loads of luck and welcome to farming! <3

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