The milk route

With this post I open a new section in my blog, it is about things to do and discover in my region. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear milk? The first thing I think of is a cow. But there is so many more things that involve milk.

Our tourism office together with some local farmers and producers have organised a tour where you will be able to meet the farmers and taste their dairy products. I was invited to visit our neighbours and experience the tour. We visited 2 farms out of 5 and ate in two of the restaurants adhered to the route.

We began the day on a traditional horse cart towards the first farm. Those were used in the old days by the farmers to transport their products to the farmers’ markets. (That is not usually in the tour, you drive directly to the farm/s you want to visit, always with prior booking).


Sitting on a carriage is a beautiful way to enjoy the morning breeze. The day was foggy when we started the ride, so the ambience felt mysterious; half way to the first farm the fog started to vanish slowly and by the time we got to the farm the sun was shinning bright.

It was a beautiful way to experience the morning environment during sunrise and feel the landscapes. RIAL0558

The first stop was in the farm “Soler de N’hug”. This family is one of the best examples of the authentic farm hospitality. As soon as we arrived they would take us directly inside the country-house where a long table full of food was awaiting for us. Trays full of bread, tomato, olive oil and a wide variety of all the traditional dry meat they produce, “fuet, llonganissa, bull & york ham”, which is sold later on in their shop named El Taulell in Prats de Lluçanès. Once we were absolutely full with all those delicacies… they come up with the yoghurt made with their cow’s milk. That’s the only thing we were supposed to taste during the “milk tour”.😅

I think the following picture speaks by itself, a house where everyone (3 generations living there nowadays) has so much respect and shows so much love for the grandmother. A gentle women keeping an eye on everyone and making sure there is nothing missing while making everyone feel like at home. ❤


After being so spoiled it was time to head to the farm to see and learn about the cows that had produced the milk for that wonderful yoghurt. They explained us what they eat and we got to see how the milking robot works. As an exception I even managed to milk a cow with my hands! 😍 I hadn’t done it since I was a little kid and I could only remember it was quite hard to get the milk out!


Have you ever had the chance to taste the milk right out of the cow? Real and consistent milk that contains all its properties. For me, this is priceless.


It has nothing to do with the milk tour but in this farm they also have sheep and pigs so depending on what time of the year you visit them you might get the chance to see those little cuties too.



After the entire morning in the farm we went to one of the restaurants that offers a special menu for the “milk tour”, El Baumer Restaurant in Prats de Lluçanès. I love the concept of that restaurant. There is a long table in a deep dinning room and everyone sits in the same table, whether you know them or not. You can breeze a cozy environment with lovely rustic decoration around. They cook traditional catalan cuisine and they use mainly local products. Booking is a must. Ou! And the meal can’t end in something different that a liquor shot! They have a shop with all types of spirits, wines, champagnes and liquors.

After lunch we went to another farm, “Formatges de Lluçà”. This time we visited a goats farm where they make cheese out of their milk. I love their cheese, their work and their philosophy. They can do their mechanical work with this antique tractor, why do they need a newer and bigger one? All these essence and authenticity and the love they put in what they do is reflected in the tase of their cheeses.


We met the two types of goats they use to produce milk, we learned about their routines, behaviour and their diet. The black one is a regional breed  in danger of extinction and they are working on their preservation.


After meeting those “crazy” animals (and I say crazy after seeing how wildly they were able to jump and climb the rocks) a cozy setting made with straw in the backyard of the farm was waiting for us to make the cheese tasting.

_IAL0927I cannot explain in words the taste of this wonderful soft cheese in my mouth. I encourage you to give it a try and live the experience overall._IAL0911_IAL0921

We ended the day in another restaurant by the farm, Restaurant La Primitiva. One of my favourite in the region, where we could taste all the dairy products produced in the different farms within the milk tour.

Photography by Mercè Rial

If you are staying in any of our cottages we can give you more detailed information on site and make the bookings for you. More information on the route and prices can be found in the tourism council website.