Pastel de queso

Hace mucho tiempo que os debo esta receta … A todos los que la habéis probado ya sabéis lo bueno está… parece mentira que algo tan deliciosa sea tan fácil y rápido de hacer! Estas son las recetas que a mí me gustan.




  • 300 gr de queso cremoso
  • 20 galletas
  • Mantequilla
  • 3 huevos
  • 150ml de nata líquida
  • 6 cucharadas de azucar
  • 2 y 1/2  culcharaditas de postre de Maizena (se tiene que deshacer en un vaso con un pocquito de leches para que quede líquido)
  • Mermelada


Recordar que es importante consumir producto local, así que os recomiendo que el queso cremoso, la mantequilla, la nata y los huevos sean de venta directa de productor y se es eco aún mejor. Galletas yo utilizo las Nuria de Birba, me encantan además son de aquí y no llevan aceite de palma. La mermelada también mucho mejor que la hagáis con producto de temporada o bien la compréis directamente a algún productor local. A mí personalmente me encanta con mermelada de fresas o de frutos rojos que recogemos del bosque cuando es temporada, pero podéis poner la mermelada que más os guste.




  1. Triturar las galletas (si tenéis thermomix es un momento, sino con un turmix también va bien). Reservar en un bol. Deshacer la mantequilla y mezclar con las galletas (echar la mantequilla poco a poco, que la mezcla no os quede demasiado líquido ni demasiado seca, han de quedar todas las galletas untadas.) Poner papel de horno en la base del molde y esparcir la mezcla. Con una cuchara ir aplastando y debe quedar como una base homogénea y compacta).
  2. En un bol (o en la thermomix con la “mariposa”): el queso, nata, maicena, huevos, el azúcar y batir. Echar en el molde encima de la base de galletas.
  3. Meter en el horno precalentado a 200ºC durante unos 15/20 minutos.
  4. Dejar enfriar y sacar del molde una vez esté frío. Antes de servir untar por encima con la mermelada.


Espero que la disfrutéis muchísimo!! Si la hacéis y la subís a instagram recordar a mencionar @candyliving así puedo ver los resultados! <3


Organic Pumpkin Risotto

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear risotto?

For me is a creamy rice with mushroom and parmesan. Do you like it? I love it! So today I am coming with a new recipe for a different but still delicious risotto.

After the huge amount of pumpkin kilos we harvested last fall in the farm I had to innovate in different ways of cooking it and this one is one of my favourite! We had 5 pumpkins left from the harvest so I decided to use one of them to have one more risotto before we eat them all.

I like cooking big amounts so my portions for 2 people are for people who like eating, like us!

  • 200gr of Rice
  • 300 gr of pumpkin
  • 2 medium onions
  • I use water because our organic pumpkins came out really tasty but you can also use 1/2 litre of vegetable or chicken stock.
  • 1 glass of white wine
  • Grated parmesan


Cut the pumpkin and the onion into small cubes. Put them in a pan with some olive oil and cover. Mix once in a while to make sure it doesn’t get burned. (You will know it is enough cooked when pressing the pumpkin with a fork it squashes easily.)

Once cooked add the rice and mix. Add the glass of wine and keep mixing while it cooks for a couple of minutes, until the wine reduces. Add salt and pepper.

Once the wine is reduced add the stock little by little. Do not add it all at once. Add some and let it reduce while mixing. Once it is absorbed by the rice add some more. Keep adding until the rice is enough cooked. The stock or water needs to be added warm, it is important that it doesn’t stop the rice’s boiling process.

Remove from the fire and add some grated parmesan on top, it will melt with the rice heat.

I think it is a really good options if you are going to invite people at home. It is not such a common dish and most probably everyone will like it  (I served it in a tasting we offered in our farm during a weekend of open doors and the 100 visitors who came loved it).

In addition to that, it is not an expensive dish. 1 kilo of rice cost about 4€, 1,5kg of our organic pumpkin cost 3€,  the onions 2€ and the wine 3€. So in total for 12€ you can prepare a delicious main course for 10 people, your guests will leave the house rolling.

For drink I would suggest a white wine, ours is from a local winery and they go so well together!






Goat cheese and pumpkin Lasagna

Again… a quick and easy recipe for all those busy moms who still love inviting guests! As some of my Instagram followers have requested after seeing the pictures, I finally found the moment to write the goat cheese and pumpkin lasagna recipe I had promised!


Although the pumpkin season is over in our part of the world… some might be about to begin! And for those who did like us or bought our packs, you can still enjoy the recipe. For those who are not aware, when our harvested pumpkins were about to spoil, I started peeling, cutting and packing them. We froze enough packs to be able to eat organic pumpkin from our orchard until october when the new harvest arrives. Those we did not need were sold in local shops or sold online and sent direct from our farm to the homes.

I won’t take longer, following is the recipe! I hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!!



  • 1 Package of Candyliving Pumpkin – (800gr)
  • 250 gr of onion cut into thin strips or dices.
  • 125gr of goat cheese in pieces.
  • 6 slices of lasagne
  • Olive oil
  • Grated cheese
  • Salt and pepper

Ingredients for the sauce:

  • 50gr of goat cheese
  • 200ml cream
  • Salt and pepper

1. Put a couple of tablespoons of olive oil in a frying pan, cook the pumpkin at very low temperature, with salt and pepper. The pumpkin is ready when you can squash it with the fork.

2. In a different pan we golden the onion. Then you add the onion to the pumpkin and add the goat cheese. Blend at a very low temperature.

3. In the mean time cook the lasagna plaques in salty water.

4. For the sauce: we put a spoon of olive oil in a pan (low fire). We add the cream (salt and pepper)  and goat cheese in dices. We mix until the cheese melts and blends with the cream. (keep mixing until it thickens a little bit.

5. Take an oven tray. Paint with butter and then start preparing the lasagna. A layer of pasta, then add some of the pumpkin mix and some of the sauce and another layer of pasta. Keep adding as much layers as you want. Once you put the last layer of pasta, add some sauce on top and then some grated cheese.

Add it to the preheated oven at 180ºC during 15 min and then 5 more minutes cooking au gratin.




Photography by Mercè Rial


For those who asked… today I post my cookies recipe!

Have you ever tasted those yummy soft cookies that melt in your mouth together with the chocolate flavour? Have you tried baking them and they never came out as good? they looked yummy but became hard like rocks? Here is a super easy recipe and a few tips to bake quick and yummy cookies. Non of your guests will be able to resist them!




Use a glass for measure (always the same).

  • 1 egg
  • 1 glass of butter
  • 1 glass and 1/4 of brown sugar
  • 1 glass and 1/4 of white sugar
  • 2 glasses of wheat flour
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar


First of all (before starting to prepare the dough) set the oven at 190ºC (the secret of the cooking softness is  in the baking). While the oven heats, start preparing the dough:

  1. Take a big bowl and add the egg, sugar and butter. (*I would suggest you to melt a little bit the butter before adding it to the bowl, it is much easier to blend everything. Just make sure you don’t add it very hot inside the mix). candyliving-cookies2
  2. Take another bowl and add the flour, baking powder, vanilla sugar and chocolate chips. (I personally prefer to add just a few of the chocolate chips now and I add them the rest directly on top of the cookies later on so they are better spread all around the cookies, otherwise they might all be in the same point of the cookie and I like to feel the taste in every bite 😋) candyliving-cookies3
  3. Add the flour bowl inside the first bowl little by little while mixing the dough. I personally like doing it directly with my hands. When both bowls are mixed, the dough is ready and you can start shaping the cookies.
  4. Once the cookies are on the tray add the chocolate all around.



Now they are ready to go in the oven. Make sure the oven is already preheated at 190ºC. The secret to get soft cookies is in the baking. The oven must be heated at the temperature and the cookies need to be inside 10 minutes.

When you take them out of the oven after 10-12 minutes, they will seem raw but they are not. Take the warm platter under them away and let them cool.

In the following picture you will see the cookies have different colours. The two on top were in the oven 10 minutes. The third one (down left side) was in the oven for 15 minutes. The fourth one (down right) was in the oven for 20 minutes. The first two are delicious, the third one is quite ok and the 4th looks yummy but it is like a rock. So… do not wait for the cookies to look golden. Take them out after 10 minutes.


I used milk chocolate because it is my favourite but you can add anything you like, up to your imagination! White chocolate, dark chocolate, coloured choco chips… Even Nutela! I love those too. if you want to add nutela inside the cookie make a thin cookie, add nutela and add another layer of thin cookie dough on top (you don’t need to stick them, they will by themselves with the oven heat.

I hope you, your family, friends and guests will enjoy the recipe!! Please mention @Candyliving if you decide to try them so I can see the results!

I love them with a good tea! 🍪 ☕

_IAL8164 R1X1 WB.jpg

Last Photography by Mercè Rial  & Setting by Candyliving

Fresh apples for the Apple Pie

The apple picking season has started, and I couldn’t think of a better way to start it but backing an Apple pie. So… if during any of the rainy afternoons this fall you wonder about what to do with your kids… Here is a great plan to have fun in the kitchen! Our delicious Apple pie recipe!

The kids and I go out, it is a warm and sunny fall day. We get our baskets and head to the fruit trees area in our garden. It is time for them to learn how to pick apples, they have to get the biggest ones with more reddish skin colour. Whenever we find a damaged one we put it in a different basket that we will later give to the horses. They love them!




They start by getting on a chair to get them until they find out how to get on a tree. Jaume picks them and Candi puts them in the basket. Good team work kids!

When they get tired, we sit down and explore an apple. We taste it, I explain them how healthy they are and I show them how to choose the best ones to eat and separate them from the damaged ones.


In the afternoon we decide to bake a very easy and fast to do but still delicious apple pie recipe so they can taste them cooked too. Following is the recipe for :


  • Puff pastry
  • Apples
  • Sugar
  1. Pre-heat oven at 200ºC.
  2. Spread the puff pastry on the baking paper and place on an oven tray.
  3. With a fork make a few wholes within the pastry (it will avoid the dough from swelling when heated)
  4. Spread some sugar on top of the dough (aprox. 2 handfuls)
  5. Place the apple pieces on top of the dough. Make sure between pieces and rows there is no empty spaces. (The apple becomes smaller when heated and it would look empty).
  6. Put in the oven for 10-15 min. (keep an eye on it until the apples and the dough look cooked.
  7. When you take it out of the oven and the pie is hot you can spread some sugar on top. You can also spread some jam (it can be apple jam or any other taste you like to blend with apple)


Enjoy your pie!!

📷 Photography by Mercè Rial


Parmesan lollipops

It’s been almost a month since my last post! After a non-stop summer… My life is finally getting organised again with the school beginning two days ago. Today I will post another of those quick and easy recipes ideal for busy moms who love inviting at home. <3

What do you thing of some parmesan lollypops along with a glass of wine? Those girls nights are definitely my favourite!



  • 100gr of grated parmesan cheese
  • Wooden skewers



Get a baking sheet, cover with baking paper and lay the skewers on top. Add the parmesan on one end of each skewer. (**Make sure that there is enough space between skewers so that the parmesan lollipops don’t touch each other to avoid them  from getting sticked once baked)

On top of the lollipops you put a layer of oven paper and a tray on top (to gain some weight and press). Put in the oven for 10 min at 180ºC.

10 minutes later make sure the cheese got consistence and take out of the oven.

Let them chill a while and they are ready to be served! I hope you’ll enjoy it!!

Photography by Mercè Rial

Baking brownie

Today I will post my favourite recipe… and the easiest one ever! So easy and fun to do with the kids… And eat afterwards if you and the children are chocolate lovers.

Brownie is a great desert when you have guests at home… almost everyone loves chocolate! It is ideal for any season; you can serve it with ice-cream or strawberries and cream in summer and add extra hot melted chocolate in winter. I will leave it up to your imagination.  It also suits in any occasion, wether you are hosting a lunch, dinner, tea party, picnic… it can be eaten with a spoon if you serve it in large portions or eaten as finger-food if you cut it in small pieces.

We all mommies know that we need easy and quick recipes… So here is a great one with wonderful results!


  • 200gr of chocolate for cakes
  • 200gr of sugar
  • 200gr of butter
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 soup spoon of flour
  • 2 bowls
  • Pre-heat oven at 180ºC

Add the chocolate and the butter in a bowl and put it in the microwave until the chocolate is almost melted and then blend it.

Add the sugar, eggs and flour in the other bowl and mix.

Then add the chocolate and butter bowl inside the sugar, eggs and flour bowl. Mix it and pour in the oven tray.

Before putting it in the oven you can add nuts if you like them. If you are baking because you have guests at home make sure no-one has allergies.

Keep in the oven for aprox. 20 min. Wait for it to be cold and enjoy!

I hope you will like the recipe! And have fun with the little ones preparing it!


Photography by Mercè Rial


Are you a busy mom with no time to meet friends?

Because we all mommies know how hard it is to find the time to gather with our beloved friends (work, housework, children, activities, husband…) or if you are still single but most of your friends are not and you have the feeling they abandoned you… no they did not! I can ensure you they are missing you and you are constantly in their mind. Right mummies?

If you are reading and feeling identified…it is definitely the time to host a Tea Party.


For those busy mommies or even for those who want to invite at home but feel a bit uncomfortable because they don’t know how to get started… I would suggest you to organise an “afternoon tea party” 🍪 ☕ . It is a quite easy event to held and you can set everything in the morning or even the day before. This will give you some time in case something unexpected occurs (such as the cake burns or you add salt instead of sugar 😰… those things can happen😅 ).

I love tea parties for friends gathering to catch up. Since everything can be ready in advance once all guests have arrived you don’t need to be all the time standing up and going to the kitchen to get things ready. All is set so you can enjoy the whole afternoon chatting together without missing any of the conversation.

It is also ideal for children, while mummies sit comfortably in the sofa or table they can be playing on the floor next to you (if you already have kids, have some toys and books ready to avoid having them around the house. If you don’t, you can ask them to bring some).

From one side you will need all the setting and from the other side beverages and food. Next you will see a list of the necessary material. For beverages it will be mainly water, milk and juice.

In terms of food…you can buy it in a pastry shop but I think baking it yourself is a much better choice. It feels so good when your friends give you credits for your “yummie” delicacies and congratulate you for your baking skills… There is plenty of easy recipes, I will write some in posts later on.

I love variety and I like guests to serve themselves with what they like most. I usually go for 3 types of deserts. One with loads of chocolate such as brownie. Something with a more buttery taste such as cookies (and with the same dough you can have plenty of flavours depending on which product you add. From chocolate chips, to pistacho, cinnamon, peanut butter, Nutela, caramel, dry fruits and even spices. Let it up to your imagination). And finally something a little saltier such as a cheesecake.

*If there is kids make sure there is something for them. They are very simple. Juice, plain cookies or little salty sandwiches will suit them. Make sure it is something that will not get their hands dirty unless you want fingerprints all around.

Following is a check-list of things you should prepare:


  • Tea cups
  • Coffee cups
  • Tea Spoons
  • Coffee spoons
  • Dessert forks if required for the cakes.
  • Water glasses
  • Tea pot or thermos to keep the water warm
  • Sugar pot
  • Sugar spoon
  • Water jar (I personally do not like plastic or glass bottles on the table unless it a special bottle design)
  • Juice Jar
  • A nice table cloth
  • Small napkins
  • Dessert plates
  • Baskets, cake stands or food tray for the food presentation.
  • If the tea is presented in tea-bags you will only need a bowl to throw them. If you buy the leaves (personally I like it more, it is more natural) you will need tea infusers.



If you have a trolley it would be a great occasion to use it; You can set the food, plates  and forks directly on the table and keep the cups and spoons on the trolley (or side-table) so each guest can take those they need depending on wether they will have tea or coffee.



  • Sugar (you can have white and brown if you like details)
  • Milk (if you want to be an extremely perfect hostess you can use 2, one for cold milk and one for hot milk. Otherwise use one for room temperature milk)
  • Water
  • Tea: If you are not a tea lover I would suggest you to get it in a specialist shop and buy 3 varieties. Green tea, which is one of the most common to have. A sweeter variety for those who do not like the bitter taste of tea; it could contain jasmine flowers, rose petals or any other plant that gives a fruity taste (you can ask for suggestions in the tea shop, tastes can vary in different countries.) And an infusion that doesn’t contain theine such as camomile.
  • Coffee (I think a very good option is to have a Nespresso coffee machine so you can have different types of capsules and everyone can have it as long as they like.
  • Cake or pastries.

Photography by Mercè Rial

Table setting and baking by me



The art of hosting

Today I will write about one of my favourite words “hosting”.

I come from a big family, we are 4 sisters and 1 brother ( I won’t consider the animals as family in this post although most of the time they are included…😂);  My house was always full of friends, different ages, different nationalities (we all studied abroad). A quite weekend after a bell ring and a couple of calls could all of a sudden turn to a lunch with 30 people around the table, a pijama party and a sunday brunch. Those are the advantages of living in a big farmhouse, being a big family and having a mum that loves cooking and a dad that loves wine 🍷 and hosting. Therefore… when I think of hosting, those beautiful childhood memories come back. (That probably explains my passion for the hospitality world.)


Wikipedia defines a host or hostess as a person responsible for guests at a event or providing hospitality. I think hosting is a much deeper word, hosting is a blend of responsibility, feelings, details, observing, noticing needs, anticipating, organisation, knowledge of your guests, inviting,…

I recently realised that hosting, something that is in my blood and feels so easy to me, is not as easy for everyone. I realised hosting is an “art”, that is why I call it “the art of hosting”. Following I would like to share some tips.


Hosting is a responsibility: you are responsible for your guests, you have to make sure they feel comfortable in your home. It is important to constantly keep an eye on the table, if there is empty bottles or the bread is finished… anticipate their needs and refill before they have to ask (some guests might feel uncomfortable asking).

When you are inviting it is important to know well your guests. Find out wether they have any allergies, if they follow any diet (pregnancy, vegetarian, vegan…) or if they have any religious food taboos. (If you are already a mum I guess you can remember those 9 month waiting for that beautiful creature when the doctor wouldn’t let you eat raw meat, ham, cheeses made with raw milk… Can you imagine the feeling of being invited to a meal where you could not even try half of the dishes? 👎😞)

When it comes to organising the meal and choosing the food, it is important to choose food that most of the people like. If they are close friends and you go often to restaurant you probably know what they like and what they don’t. If you want to serve uncommon food like oysters or cultural delicacies such as snails 🐌 prepare something else in addition to that, not everyone will like those and some will not even want to try it. Do not think for yourself but think of others.


I consider the food portion very important. I believe it is better to cook extra-food. Most of the dishes can be frozen in small portions and you can have it with your family another day. Guests leaving your home with an empty-stomach will give them a very poor image of your hosting abilities.


When inviting guests I am fond of presenting the food in big portions in the middle of the table (or if there is a lot of food variety and a lot of people you can even set a buffet) so each one can serve as much as they want of what they like best. Before removing the food and dishes from the table invite them to serve themselves more food (some guests will feel shy to take more) but do not push them too much (some might not want more because they are already full and others might not have liked a certain dish but they won’t say it).


When setting the table decorate with flowers to freshen the ambience or some seasonal decorations such as pumpkins during fall. They can be combined with candles if the event is at night (do not use candles for lunch events). You can also add name-tags or any other DYI to personalise the meal.



Attention to those details will provide warmth to your guests and they will leave your house with a pleasant feeling that cannot be described in words. Each and everyone of us likes it when someone takes good care of us. ❤

Photography by Mercè Rial

Settings and decoration by me.