Farm members fall gathering

I am so excited to finally show you all the details of our first farm members gathering in our organic farm Masia Escrigas.

It has been a while since I wanted to personally meet our farm members and invite them to visit our farm and see the fields where the food that reaches their homes grows. I wanted them to experience a little bit of our daily work and see what and how we do things. 

With the fall’s arrival I thought the pumpkin harvest was the perfect occasion. 

The afternoon begun with a farm tour with Ignasi, head of our organic market.

In the fields they learned some details on how we manage our organic orchard. The summer crop, the winter crop and how we avoid plagues without pesticides. 

The tour continued to the hens house where they met our happy hens and discovered some curiosities such as why they stoped laying eggs during some days and the feather change they do in fall to get ready for winter. They still managed to pick some organic eggs!

Masia Escrigas organic orchard
 Masia Escrigas farm tour
Masia Escrigas farm hens house
Masia Escrigas organic hens

The most exciting fall crop are pumpkins. In addition to that, pumpkins are for us somehow special because thanks to a bad experience with pumpkins our organic farm project begun. That’s why we decided to invite our farm members to harvest the 3 types of pumpkins we have grown this year.

Masia Escrigas organic pumpkins

After harvesting we had an afternoon tea. I was willing to set a charming outdoor space where we could sit, eat, chat and get to know each other. Autumn is also apples season, therefore I thought there was no better option than enjoying the slow life in between those beautiful apple trees.

I love decorating with what nature offers us in each season. Therefore I used a jar filled with water and some floating apples as centrepiece in the buffet table.  Some pumpkins and quinces spread over the table and a bunch of our organic kale to give some green colour.

This beautiful wooden table was stored in the farmhouse attic. I had been waiting so long to use it for the perfect occasion.  This was the ideal event. I didn’t use a tablecloth because I wanted it to be seen. 

All the tables in the old days used to have a drawer in one of the edges and it was used to store bread. So I gave it the same use.

The idea was to prepare different recipes made out of seasonal organic products from the farm. Therefore I prepared a quiche with different organic veggies, out of quinces I made some quince jelly to blend with goat cheeses produced by our neighbours, cheesecake with some strawberry jam, apple pie, apple cake, pumpkin sponge cake and some of our traditional bread with tomate and dry sausages.  

In this space and around these table there was soon a beautiful environment. We managed to spend a slow afternoon sharing experiences and getting to know wonderful people.

The kids had their own space. Picnic inside a tent under the biggest holm oak tree in the garden. A basket full of pumpkin muffins, some water and they had their dessert picked direct from the trees.

I’ll be posting little by little the recipes of all these delicious goods. Meantime I leave you with some pictures. 

Buffet of goods made out of organic products from our farm Masia Escrigas.
Bread drawer
Kids picking their dessert
Kids picnic
Pumpkin muffins
Kids picnic

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