My CEO cows

I sit by the field observing my ladies eating grass. The bells 🔔 melody gets lost in distance. Chilling with them gives me so much peace and freedom. And then, laying on top of fresh grass, while the sun rays fill me with positive energy and a fresh breeze caresses my face… I start observing the cows and realise they are not so different from us, women.


There is the leaders, when you mix two herds for the first time, the leaders in each group fight to keep the place. Those are my CEO ladies. The others stay on a side observing. Some would like to fight and you can see them hesitating wether to get into it and they keep jumping around but do not move forward into the combat. Would those be Entrepreneur cows? They feel restlessness, they want to experience, they observe to learn. They know they will be there one day, fighting to lead.

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There is those cows who are not willing to ever lead. They prefer to wait for the result and go with it. There is those who tried and didn’t get through and there is those who were leading one day and now they look from behind.

The cow is a very curious animal. Most of them will come to check what is going on. But others will always keep a minimum distance of about 20m from me. And they will never stop having an eye on you while in the field. They have fears, they are insecure, they consider you are the enemy.

They have cultural differences too, my brown cows (Aubrac) do not get along with my grey cows (Bruna). They are often divided in their own groups while in pasture. But there is something that we should learn from cows… If there is a problem (for example an animal approaches to attack any of the cows or veals), no matter if they are brown, grey, old, young, tall or short… they become a clan, they join and start running forward that enemy pointing at it with the horns . That is usually the opposite within society, when there is a problem people tend to disappear, during difficult times is when you truly find out who is worth.

But do you know what? At the end of the day… They are all mothers. No matter the status, the colour, the breed, the size, the strength, the fears… They all have the same goal, raising their little veals, just like us. And their veals follow them no matter if they are short, tall, fat, skinny, ugly or beautiful. Just as our kids do, each child has the best mom!


And there is one more thing I would like to point out about cows… All of them after a long day of hard work looking for food, walking, eating, breastfeeding, cleaning their veals, … They are all up for a Spa treatment before going to bed! Don’t you fancy it? 😂

🐮 What type of cow do you feel identified with? Feel free to comment below! I would love to know it!


Photography by Mercè Rial

Spa picture by me with iPhone 5

Location: my fields



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