A home without TV & 2 kids

Can you imagine living in a house without TV in the XXI century? Probably not…! But I decided that’s what I wanted! 📺⛔ At least for the moment, while my children are young.

I remember when I was a kid… I used to think “Adults are so boring… how can they live without playing? I’ll never do that when I grow up and I become a mum…Why are they always behaving quietly? Why do they spend so much time at work?…” and thanks god there were no cellphones at that time!



So yes, I decided I don’t want my children to grow up thinking I am boring or that I am always on the phone… I must admit I often feel lazy to play or run around the house (kids actually never get tired! ) but then my thoughts as a kid pop-up and I force myself to do it. You must know I did never ever regret one of those games. Each one of them ends up being so much fun! And hearing your child’s laughs is the most precious thing in the world.

Unleash the kid inside you and spend some time laughing, screaming, running, hiding, breathing… It can often end up in tears when the game get too wild… But it is still worth it! Your kids won’t remember crying but having fun. I can ensure that when my 3 years old doesn’t come to me saying “mum let’s play” he comes saying… “mum, should we do some crazy stuff?” 😂 I love it!

I will write later on about some of our games… Following are some pictures of my little James and I playing in the stables. I have never met a kid that doesn’t like to play with straw. I am sure if you ever had the opportunity as a kid you remember that.

“The secret to living life as an adult, is to never let go of the child you used to be”  Linda Poindexter

Photography by Mercè Rial


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